:’( Bring back The Beautiful People NOW! I love you two! :’)

About me!

Hi! My name is Phoebe but most people call me Mina (mostly family!) 

Like most normal people I am C-c-c-RazY about IMPACT WRESTLING. Mostly because I have seen them live at Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena! My Favourite TNA Wrestler is AJ Styles I also love Eric Young I mean what’s not to love about him! 

I made this blog about the TNA knockout’s because they are AWESOME!

I come from England, not America (sadly) My aim in life is to visit America at least once, I love American’s and their amazing country

Follow me on Twitter @HardcorePigeon! I also have another tumblr to which is http://impactwrestlingfan.tumblr.com/

Hope you enjoy my Tumblr! Peace.